Which Florida homeowners insurance companies are the best?

Shopping around for the perfect Florida homeowners insurance company is tough. You have tons of options to choose from. How can you determine which companies are really going to stand out and provide amazing service?


In order to weed through companies to find the best customer service along with the best rates, you will need to complete a few steps first. First, what are your options when it comes Florida homeowners insurance companies?


Florida homeowners insurance companies


Just to get an idea, here are a few companies that you can choose from when it’s time to shop for a policy. Universal Property and Casualty Insurance, Citizens Property Insurance, Security First, Federated National, and Heritage Property & Casualty. There are tons of other companies for you to consider as well.


Universal Property & Casualty – The mission of Universal Property & Casualty and their infamous red elephant is to deliver only the best service and value to all of their customers.

Citizens Property – Citizens Property was created by the Florida Legislature as a nonprofit government entity. Its mission is to provide customers with insurance protection who are unable to find any coverage in the private market.

Security First – This is a privately held company based in Ormond Beach, Florida. Their mission is to be there for all Floridians after each and every storm.

Federated National – Federal Nat insurance has been providing customers with peace of mind for over 25 years. This company is committed to providing fair and competitive pricing for members.

Heritage Property & Casualty – Heritage Insurance is based in Clearwater, Florida. This team is dedicated to providing the highest quality property insurance along with the most competitive rates.


Did you notice that there aren’t any major companies listed? For example State Farm and Nationwide. Large national carriers stopped writing policies in the sunshine state shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit. This was due to the large amounts of damage sustained during hurricane seasons.
Since around 2010, Florida only homeowners insurance companies are growing fast. As they are now the largest insurers in the state of Florida.


The financial stability of the company of your choice is crucial. Especially if you live in a hurricane prone area. Demotech is one of the most common rating organization. It is important to know that how big a company is will not mean quality. Always try reading some customer reviews before settling with a particular company.


Reading company reviews and completing some online research will be your ticket to finding the best Florida homeowners insurance company for you. Reviews left from current or previous customers will be able to help you determine if you would want to work with a particular company or not.